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~ Horseback Riding at Lakeside Farm ~

Improving balance and communication for hunt seat riding disciplines.

~ Riding Lesson Packages Available ~
$25/lesson, $150/month minimum



~ Principled ~

We cater to those who demand a cruelty-free riding experience. Our horses are loved family members, permanent residents or diligently attended rehabilitation projects, each has their own custom training plan. They would never be required to spend the summer tied up in their tack as a casual entertainment to indiscriminately choose over bumper-cars or trampoline jumping. We handle horses with the kind, compassionate, and sympathetic relationship all living things deserve.

~ Personalized ~

Whether your goal is competitive riding or more leisurely, Lani strives to help you find a balanced and secure seat, and quiet, understanding, and effective hands for efficient, subtle, even invisible lines of communication between horse and rider.

Lani has decades of experience in training all sorts of horses for careers in (field and show) hunters, jumpers, equitation, and horsemanship. Her goal for all students is to build confidence in the saddle so that unease is replaced with the inner peace, liberation, rejuvenation, and contentment that comes with increased personal strength, balance, and practical knowledge of effective training methods.

Although our historic barn is still in the process of being restored and modernized, horses are still at the heart of our daily operations and long-term goals. We’ve learned how to work toward our goals with the challenge of slow-moving, large-scale infrastructure improvements in the background.

The comfort, health, and safety of horse and rider are a top priority. In fact, our students enjoy high-quality, professionally-fitted english tack (close contact or dressage) and solid, sound horses carefully selected and prepared for their learning experience.




~ Joining Our Exclusive, Cruelty-Free Herd ~

Our horses are carefully selected and professionally trained, managed, and groomed as show horse prospects, yet they enjoy life as a horse should, with plenty of freedom, exercise, socialization, and grazing. They are used beyond their regular training schedules for the most conscientious clientele only.

Each of our powerful yet gentle, kind, affectionate, willing, and charitable warmbloods and draft-crosses were hand-raised from orphans and started under-saddle on the farm. Time spent with these noblest of creatures is sure to help you find your inner power and tranquility.

Our thoroughbreds are off-the-track; they trade steady compassion for excitement, athletic ability, speed, sensitivity, and quick responsiveness. They are not for the faint of heart and only for use by the most experienced riders.

Regardless of their history our horses are either reliable, permanent, beloved family members or working toward new careers in loving hunter, dressage, or eventing show homes. Unlike typical lesson horses, they are interested to meet, learn more about, and bond with you.




~ Experienced, Professional Instruction ~

Lani Ohly has decades of experience, more than 7,000 hours in the saddle, on some 100 or more horses, and countless more as a riding instructor. Following her youth in 4-H, with a championship and top ten ribbons at the Ohio State Fair, top-ten ribbons from the Youth Jumpers at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, and numerous division champion awards at the All American Youth Horse Show, Lani moved on to thoroughbred rehabilitation and retraining.

While riding at Ohio University, Lani moved through the Intermediate division with all first place ribbons, advanced to the open division with all first or second place ribbons and was awarded several show championships. While earning her degree in Environmental Health Sciences she spent countless hours in the saddle evaluating, restarting/correcting, and showing horses, while working and volunteering at the Last Chance Corral, a nationally recognized non-profit horse rescue in Athens, OH. During that period she transitioned, and helped her students to retrain, several off-the-track thoroughbreds from the slaughter pen to Amateur-Owner Champions, subsequently transitioning them to loving show homes. Lani's instruction emphasizes that when we work with horses, everyone in the equation is both a teacher and a student.

Our competitive lesson pricing structure for local students is a result of Lani's belief that horseback riding is not a casual hobby to be picked up and set aside at random. If you hope to become a rider "more is more"; more time around horses, more work, more strength, more coordination, more experience, and more time in the saddle make a good rider. If you want to become a rider it's best to "get good" as quickly as you can. To spend much time around horses without knowledge, coordination, and skill is unjustifiably dangerous; Lani hopes to help local students pursue riding affordably, through effort and twice weekly dedication.

Safety is a top priority, yet as students gain experience, Lani hopes to support, motivate, and push rider comfort levels so that personal goals are realized. Lani hopes that all horse lovers reach the riding ability where they might become addicted to the physical and mental challenges of navigating a course of jumps or to the exhilaration of hand-galloping across one of our many grassy meadows overlooking Lake Champlain.

Lani has experience with teaching small children and others who are easily intimidated by horses, to safely facilitate steady growth in building confidence, abilities, and optimism.




~ Pricing ~

~ $150.°°/rider/month minimum - $25.°°/lesson, riders schedule their lessons weekly or twice-weekly.
~ Riders may work-off lessons beyond 6/month. Each lesson is worth 1.5 hours of genuine effort in stable work, landscaping, or housekeeping/childcare by the rider.
~ We support students and their families first! Call us if you are qualified in services we need for our farm improvements - electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mowing, firewood processing, painting, etc. are always needed!
~ Local beginners may "carpool" to enjoy a shared-pony lesson at $25.°° for 2 riders.
~ Groundwork Sessions include meeting and petting our horses, selecting one to work with, having a lesson in grooming, care, and handling, and feeding treats. There is no riding in a groundwork session. Priced according to the rates above.

Lani always strives to take plenty of photos and/or videos for your enjoyment and sharing!

~ Policies ~

We operate under the following policies to protect and preserve our outstanding equine friends for avid equestrians and those interested in a meaningful riding experience:

~ Students seeking more intensive experience may ride up to two lessons/day.
~ Group rides offer more time in the saddle (just over one hour) than a private lesson (40-45 minutes).
~ Beginner lesson students six years old and up ride bareback until the student can maintain their own posture and balance at walk and short trotting sessions, without holding the mane or excessive gripping with the legs.
~ Beginner lesson students under six years old use a tiny saddle with a grab strap. Parents of very tiny riders should plan to assist from the side.
~ Students (and their guardians) acknowledge that horses are inherently dangerous and agree to sign a release of liability.
- We adhere to strict weight limits and athletic BMIs (M <210 lb., F <180 lb., and children under 12 <120 lb.). Every rider (except small children) must be capable of getting into the saddle from a mounting block without assistance beyond horse/stirrup steadying. If you cannot get yourself into the saddle, don't be discouraged - it's still a great opportunity to get out for some exercise alongside your new equine BFF, to learn about or reacquaint yourself with horses through ground training sessions.
- Riders should allot time for grooming, pre and post ride, and for properly oiling their tack after their ride.
- Riders may need to wear rubber boots in muddy weather, and bring their proper riding boots to put on after catching their horse, grooming, and groundwork are completed.
- Properly-fitted helmet (personal or provided), pants, and riding boots are required. Breeches or stretch pants, long-sleeves, and supportive undergarments are strongly recommended. Padded safety vest is optional. Please consider professional, modest, fitted attire for comfort, safety, and a timeless riding experience.



~ Please feel free to text/call (740) 591-1449 or email ( ~
Lani is happy to discuss your goals!



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